Jordan Welch

Founder and driver of H.I.A. Jordan brings a strong passion towards motorsports backed by field experience.  Fabrication, welding, restoration, and performance builds help us design and build top notch products.  Jordan also holds the 2014 NCAC (North Carolina Autocross Championship) in the CP class, as well as 2017 in CAM class.

Spencer Loye

Driver of the H.I.A and Factory2 Racing 89 Foxbody Mustang.  Spencer heads up Marketing/Networking as well as running the "Garage Sale" side of the team.

Daniel Fulk

Dan holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, concetrated in motorsports, from UNC-Charlotte.  Drawing from experience in the ARCA and Sprint Cup series he brings data acquisition, analysis, and vehicle setups to the table.  Dan is also able to provide in house CAD models and design analysis to ensure the highest quality parts.